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Just an upcoming artist trying to make my way with the big dogs! Or cats?!

Greetings, my name is Christopher Scott. I give myself the alias, Scotty(theman) because I’m very creative and I can’t think of anything else to call myself. 

Or it could be because there's like a million Chris Scotts in the world.

I say what drives me is the fact that I always have these ideas in my head. When I was little, I always thought of little stories so I picked up a pencil and wanted to illustrate them. Now, drawing is my biggest hobby. The Ideas in my head are still there, and they still strive me to draw. With that being said, I have never drawn for the beauty of Art it self. Fine art never interested me. I only draw because I watched Spider-man and pretended to spin webs when I was 5. I draw because I played Crash bandicoot as a little kid and I thought he was the dumbest, coolest thing ever. I draw because Mario is the most likable plumber in the world. Those silly, kiddy things inspired me with ideas, so I draw because I want to put my ideas on paper.

I was one of those weird kindergartners who cried every time he got his hands messy with glue. I never wanted to paint or get messy with pastels (probably why I adopted digital illustration.) I just simply wanted to tell stories with a cartoony art style. I adopted story telling and over the years have done my best to perfect my writing. Instead I have become a terrible critic of any kind of story telling. Especially movies. But what can I say, God has made me a very meticulous person. I’ve always been called picky but I’d rather be called Detailed Oriented! 


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